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eXtreme Programming Developer - Silver

Issued by Cyberspace Support (AFSC 3DXXX)

The earner of this badge applied eXtreme software Programming (XP) developer knowledge and skills to work on a development team, engineer solutions to customer requirements, design unit and functional tests, and deliver software source code.

Earning Criteria

  • eXtreme Programming Developer - Bronze
  • Submit a sample of source code, at least 1 KB in size, in which the earner was a developer.
  • Perform for one (1) year on an eXtreme Programming team as a fully certified/trained member.
  • Submit two (2) performance reviews of earner's application of eXtreme Programming behaviors, skills, and abilities as a developer and team member.  Reviews will be from two separate individuals.
  • Complete the XP Developer – Silver checklist.
  • The checklist was reviewed by the Earner's supervisor and recommended for the award of the XP Developer – Silver badge.

For additional information on the Cyberspace Support digital badge initiative and the earning process, please see the linked information sheet.