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eXtreme Programming Product Manager - Silver

Issued by Cyberspace Support (AFSC 3DXXX)

The earner of this badge has applied eXtreme Programming (XP) Product Manager knowledge and skills to lead teams, curate product backlogs, balance business needs with user needs, and manage the development of software solutions.

Earning Criteria

  • eXtreme Programming Product Manager - Bronze
  • Complete one year as an eXtreme Programming Product Manager.
  • Provide a portfolio of products managed, to include the product name, problem statement/solution description, and stage of development, verified by team lead or equivalent.
  • Submit a professional journal describing challenges within a product development cycle and how those challenges were overcome/addressed.
  • Complete the eXtreme Programming Product Manager - Silver Rubric
  • The rubric was reviewed by Earner's supervisor and recommended for the award of the eXtreme Programming Product Manager - Silver badge.

For additional information on the Cyberspace Support digital badge initiative and the earning process, please see the linked information sheet.