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Learning Science - Level 1

Issued by Learning and Development Professionals

Earners of this badge combine research, data, and best practices to enhance the learning environment and increase student performance. They draw from disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, educational and behavioral psychology, learning analytics, and data science.

Earning Criteria

  • The earner completed a self-directed study of learning sciences, such as: the affective mindset of a lifelong learner, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, memory, and applied learning science (note: the preceding list is not all inclusive).
  • The earner composed a 1-2 page summary of learning science concepts and methodologies that includes a recommendation for incorporating learning sciences into a new, existing, or previously attended course.  This summary/recommendation was evaluated according to the Criteria Rubric and can be used toward the completion criteria for both the Learning Science-Level 1 and/or -Level 2 badges.
  • Criteria Rubric