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  • F-35 Weapons Load

    Airmen from the 33rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron load an AIM-9X missile on to a F-35A’s external weapons pylon July 20, 2016, at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. This milestone was the first time an F-35A at Eglin AFB was loaded with internal and external weapons and will help develop weapon-loading procedures for the F-35 program. The F-35 is capable
  • Airmen face off in F-35 weapons load competition

    Members of the 33rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron competed in a quarterly weapons load competition and dedicated crew chief competition here today. The load crew competition showcased the efficiency of load crew teams to safely and properly arm an F-35 within time constraints. The ability to quickly and safely load an aircraft with munitions is
  • Wheel Wizards keep Eglin’s F-35s rolling

    Whether your landing style is silky smooth or resembles an intense carrier landing the “Wheel Wizards” of the 33rd Maintenance Squadron Wheel and Tire Shop are ready where the rubber meets the road.Since the beginning of 2016 the Airmen and Sailors of the 33rd MXS Wheel and Tire Shop have built more than 300 tires for the Air Force and Navy
  • Eglin units save thousands with F-35 innovations

    Around 500 maintenance personnel are assigned to work with the F-35 at Eglin Air Force Base. These Airmen and Sailors are some of the first to maintain the fifth-generation jet which gives them the opportunity to assist manufacturers in developing tools, technology and data to maintain it.
  • 33rd FW Airman maintains F-35A panel

    Senior Airman Tyler Quayle, 33rd Maintenance Squadron low observable maintenance journeyman, repairs a panel from an F-35A Lightning II at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., April 28, 2016. Low observable aircraft maintenance specialists design, fabricate and modify different metals and bonded materials that make up F-35A panels to create the stealth effect.
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