Air Education and Training Command News

  • 80th OSS tops in AETC

    The 80th Operations Support Squadron has proven to stand out among the rest as they received recognition by Air Education and Training Command as the top OSS for 2020 in operations and training support.

  • 80th OSS controller at ENJJPT earns prestigious aviation safety award

    A quick decision by David Bowles, an 80th Operations Support Squadron Radar Approach Control civilian, prevented a potential mid-air collision of two Air Force aircraft on Aug. 1, 2019, becoming the first controller in Sheppard AFB history to earn the Lt. Gen. Gordon A. Blake Aircraft Assist Award

  • When the thunder rolls, weather flight is in control

    For most people, figuring out if a jacket or an umbrella will be needed for the day simply means looking at a smartphone’s weather app and then making a decision. But for the 80th Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight, the decisions made based off a weather forecast involve a lot more pressure.

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