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Air Education and Training Command News

  • Holm Center’s ‘Purple’ summer project

    As a former “foreign kid” in Brazil’s National War College, I was challenged with learning and operating in a language not of my own. I experienced the very real fear that my intellect would be surmised from my inability to smoothly converse, convince and direct others in Portuguese. These are the

  • DLIELC Unveils New Aviation Language Training Center

    On November 6, 2020, DLIELC held a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new DLI Aviation Language Training Center which houses the Watkins Aviation Language Preparation Room and Sirois Aviation Simulation Lab (Sim Lab). This is the first and largest step by DLIELC in a long term plan to

  • DLIELC pilots virtual training team program with Puerto Rico

    To continue partner nation support across combatant commands and execute the global security cooperation mission amidst a global pandemic, the Defense Language Institute English Language Center piloted a one-week virtual training team program with Puerto Rico July 2020.

  • DLIELC field studies program shares American culture with partner nations

    The Defense Language Institute English Language Centeris home to the largest Field Studies Program, focused on immersing students in American culture and introducing them to American ways of life through events on campus, day tours, overnight tours, and linking students with a host family via the

  • An Open Letter to the Warhawk Family

    Our Gateway Wing has the high honor of being deemed Mission Essential. We are the largest training wing in the Air Force, responsible for building Airmen and strengthening the partnerships we need to compete, deter, and win. We are the Gateway to the Air Force, and in many respects, the Gateway to

  • DLIELC Increases English Language Training in Vietnam in 2020

    The Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) is supporting the Indo-Pacific Strategy by deploying a Mobile Training Team (MTT) to the Military Services Academy (MSA) in Hanoi, Vietnam and will provide English language training (ELT) to 70 Vietnamese Coast Guard (VCG) Officers.

  • DLIELC to beta test new program similar to U.S. Army Echo Company

    Nested in the corner of JBSA-Lackland lies the Defense Language Institute English Language Center. Identifiable by its kempt campus, DLIELC is home to over 400 civilian and military employees whose mission is to teach English and immerse its international and domestic students into the American