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  • Two 364th TRS students at Sheppard AFB earn ACE award

    To earn the ACE award, an Airman must maintain a 100% average throughout an entire training course. Two Airmen from the 364th Training Squadron electrical and environmental course were able to remain dedicated to their training and earn this noteworthy award.
  • Sheppard Airman aces aerospace ground equipment course

    Fifteen blocks of instruction. Eighty seven training days. Countless hours of hard work and dedication. This is what it takes to become an Air Force aerospace ground equipment apprentice. Airman 1st Class Cole R. Davidson, an Oregon native and 361st TRS aerospace ground equipment apprentice, did what it takes and more.
  • Pennsylvania native aces munitions systems apprentice course

    Ace awards are not just given they are earned through sweat and determination. An Airman who receives the ace award are an embodiment of the Air Force's third core value - excellence in all we do. To receive the Ammo Ace Award the student must achieve a 100 percent on all seven block tests in the Munitions Systems Apprentice Course.
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