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  • Remembering Doolittle’s legacy

    Goodfellow hosted a Doolittle Leadership Panel led by John “Pepe” Soto, senior defense analyst, and General Jimmy Doolittle’s granddaughter, Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, The Doolittle Foundation founder and executive director, at the Powell Event Center, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, Feb. 25.

  • Goodfellow remembers Doolittle Raiders

    The Doolittle Raiders hold specific significance to Goodfellow as we remember the 77th anniversary of the storied World War II Doolittle Tokyo raid here, April 18.

  • Watch Lt. Col. Dick Cole Memorial live on AETC Facebook page

    On Thursday, April 18 at 3 p.m. (CDT), a memorial service celebrating the honor and valor that defined the life of retired Lt. Col. Richard Cole will be held here.  The final surviving member of the famed Doolittle Tokyo Raiders of World War II, Cole passed away in San Antonio, Texas, last week at

  • Yesterday’s Air Force: The Doolittle Raid

    After a string of defeats in America’s early days of World War II, the president ordered a mission to strike Japan and to help improve the morale of the American people.

  • Doolittle Raiders honored during 74th anniversary at JBSA-Randolph

    The World War II Doolittle Raiders were honored during aceremony marking the 74th anniversary of their Tokyo raid April 18 at JointBase San Antonio-Randolph.On the same day, in 1942, Lt. Col. James H. "Jimmy"Doolittle led a select team of 80 pilots, gunners, navigators and bombardiers asthey flew 16