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  • AFCLC's LEAP featured on latest "The Air Force Starts Here" podcast

    A deep dive inside the Language Enabled Airmen Program is the focus of the latest episode of "The Air Force Starts Here" podcast, released Feb. 11, 2020.
  • LEAP: When Busy Schedules Get in the Way

    Finding an educational program with flexibility to wait for an applicant is nearly impossible, according to Capt. Huston Matheus. So imagine his surprise when he discovered the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Language Enabled Airman Program would wait for him and his busy schedule?
  • LEAP Scholars Forge New Ground during SOUTHAM Conference

    The Language Enabled Airmen Program develops foreign language and cross-cultural skills in Airmen who can better support the application of airpower through strengthening partnerships and interoperability.
  • Squadron commanders: keys to building alliances through LEAP

    There’s an old saying that goes like this: “If you ever see a turtle sitting on a fence post, you know it had some help getting there.”In the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Language Enabled Airman Program, the 3,002 scholars currently in the program are utilizing this training to build and strengthen alliances in 96 languages worldwide.
  • Remove the Earpieces: LEAP Scholar Conquers Barriers

    “I was on vacation the week prior in the Dominican Republic when my boss called and asked if I’d be able to fly to El Salvador that weekend and brief the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.” Hiding her nervous energy, 1st Lt. Lorrayne Kealty replied, “of course, no problem.”
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