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  • COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall Highlights

    Leaders from Joint Base San Antonio hosted a COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall on the JBSA Facebook page on March 25. The meeting assembled a panel of knowledgeable officials to answer questions about common concerns from the JBSA community.
  • COVID-19: Exploit What You Can Control

    "Can't," "don't," "contain" and "restrict" are negative words present everywhere in the news, the media and conversation. The threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus will undoubtedly remain a challenge for everyone for months to come. Significant abrupt restrictions and closures are making many within our communities feel very controlled and unhappy.
  • Goodfellow AFB honors January Student of the Month

    The Student of the Month awards and Rope of the Month award are presented by 17th Training Group at Goodfellow AFB, Texas, each month.
  • DLIELC to beta test new program similar to U.S. Army Echo Company

    Nested in the corner of JBSA-Lackland lies the Defense Language Institute English Language Center. Identifiable by its kempt campus, DLIELC is home to over 400 civilian and military employees whose mission is to teach English and immerse its international and domestic students into the American culture.
  • Goodfellow Remembers

    Goodfellow and the San Angelo community observed 9/11 through remembrance ceremonies, which took place throughout the day here, Sept. 11. In honor of those who lost their lives during that tragic day, several events were held in the community and on base.
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