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Video by James Self
Deciphering Doctrine – Ep 7 – Essay Contest Kickoff: Doctrine Needs to Keep Up as Warfare Changes
Air University Public Affairs
Jan. 27, 2023 | 57:32
In this special edition episode, we interview Naval Postgraduate School Professor Emeritus Dr. John Arquilla as a kick-off event to our first bi-annual Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation essay contest. The contest is open to all Department of the Air Force personnel. It offers the top paper a cash prize and publication opportunities for up to 20 quality papers for discussing how a specific USAF operational doctrine will need to change, or a new doctrine adopted, due to the changing character of war expected over the next 10 years. See the MGMWERX link below for further contest details to be released on 1 Feb 23.

Dr. Arquilla is a former RAND Corporation analyst and Pentagon advisor. He has been researching and writing about the changing character of war for decades. In this episode, he shares his revelations and approaches to identifying the doctrine, organization, and technology changes that have occurred. He also suggests how Airmen can analyze the constants, trends, and shocks in developing new doctrine, choosing new technology, and shifting to new organizational forms.

Links to the essay contest and writings discussed in the PODCAST are below:


Dr. Arquilla's books -

Technology Strategy Thesis -

Trevor Dupuy -

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