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  • Clothing issue running faster

    Newly arrived basic military trainees, termed "Rainbows" for their variety of civilian clothes, enter a new world of uniformity over the space of two hours at Bldg. 5725, Initial Clothing Issue. But changes are occurring in that new world, since trainees now are leaving the building wearing their physical readiness training gear and running shoes
  • AF Honor Guard Visits Sheppard, Teaches Ceremony

    Six Airmen solemnly step in unison toward the waiting casket. Slowly, they begin carrying a fallen hero on what has become his final journey. So begins the ceremony to lay to rest a military member. The Airmen are the stoic guards of the fallen; they are members of the base honor guard. They have trained day-in and day-out for months, taking
  • Dental digital imagery no longer a dream

    "That's so dial-up" is often heard when referring to outdated technology. Across the Air Force many customer-based processes are becoming streamlined with the most current hi-tech advances. Incorporating the newest technological advances into our everyday lives is no longer surprising, it's expected. The 82nd Dental Clinic and 381st Training
  • AETC 2006 Aviation Resource Management Awards

    Air Education and Training Command is pleased to announce the selection of the following winners of AETC's 2006 Aviation Resource Management Awards: SNCO category - SMSgt Matthew A. Grengs, 56 OSS, Luke AFB, Ariz. NCO category - SSgt Sabrina L. Barrientos, 314 OSS, Little Rock AFB, Ark. Airman category - SrA Cassandra L. Clement, 62 AS, Little Rock
  • CV-22 Training Takes Off

    The CV-22 Osprey aircrew training program here has pulled chocks and taken off in a major milestone for the aircraft. The 58th Special Operations Wing announced they have the Required Assets Available, otherwise known as RAA, to begin training Air Force Special Operations Command aircrews. "The idea behind announcing RAA is that we're advertising
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