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  • Chief serves beyond active-duty

    John Burden retired as a chief master sergeant more than 18 years ago, but he never stopped serving his country and community."As I was parking at the Veteran's Association clinic, I saw a gentleman across the street get out of an old rickety van," Burden said. "He was an amputee on crutches and struggling to get his old beat-up wheelchair out of
  • PMEL vital to AF mission

    To begin training the world's greatest F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter pilots here at Luke, working jets are necessary. To have jets that work, Airmen who are maintenance and repair experts are needed to take care of the jets. Airmen who fix the jets need tools that are in working order, and that's where precision measurement equipment
  • Vance signs agreement with Altus AFB to host ALS

    It took two commanders from two bases coming together Nov. 21 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow Team Vance to host two Airman Leadership School classes in 2015.For many years, senior airmen selected for promotion to staff sergeant have been attending ALS, the professional military education course required to sew on staff
  • Team Vance earns AF Outstanding Unit Award

    Air Education and Training Command announced Nov. 26 that the 71st Flying Training Wing earned an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for duties performed between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2014.The 71st FTW was one of 12 AETC non-headquarters units selected for the award."Though I did not arrive here until June of this year, it was apparent from day
  • Behind the Performance: Tops in Blue

    Tops in Blue is the Air Force's premier entertainment showcase and is made up of 35 to 40 Active-Duty Airmen from all parts of the Air Force. They endure a tour that spans nine months and have performed for audiences topping 350,000 in over 20 countries. At the beginning of their tour the selected Airmen endure an intense 60-day training period.
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