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AFIT named one of the 10 best graduate programs for supply chain management by Best Colleges

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Horton
  • Air University Public Affairs

The Air Force Institute of Technology’s online supply chain management master’s degree program was named as one of the ten best in the nation by Best Colleges.

The program, part of the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, places emphasis on decision-making skills and policy formulation and results in a Master of Science in Logistics.

“The rank reflects the quality of our program, which includes, but not limited to, relevant topics in military logistics, courses taught by academically qualified professors with real-world experience, and graduate research projects for solving problems in military logistics and supply chain management,“ said Dr. Seong-Jong Joo, Associate Professor of logistics and supply chain management. “The program nurtures future leaders with relevant and cutting-edge knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.”

The program covers subjects such as introduction to supply chain management, strategic sourcing, and principles of inventory management. Other courses in the program include maintenance and production management, quantitative decision making, and transportation systems and strategic mobility. A research project in logistics and supply chain management is also required for graduation.

Students who are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense receive first priority when applying to the program; other applicants may participate if space is available. The program usually take 12 months to complete with 50 credit hours being the required amount to graduate.

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