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Military Training Leader spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Amanda Dean

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Zachary Chapman
  • 17th Training Squadron

Who: Tech. Sgt. Amanda Dean

Unit: 314th Training Squadron

Duty Title: Military training leader

As a military training leader, what are some of your responsibilities in a day?

 In a day, we ensure all 500 non-prior service Airmen are accounted for before the start of the duty day, and that Airmen report to their duty locations including students in and out of training. ­­As the duty day begins, we are conducting open ranks, dorm inspections, and administrative paperwork. Administrative paperwork can include various taskers, writing letters of counseling or higher, Below the Zone packages, and enlisted performance reports. Additionally, we ensure we are available to the Airmen whether it be for mentorship, taking care of their health and welfare, to disciplining Airmen to ensure they are following military standards and practice.­­­

What are some challenges of being an MTL at Presidio of Monterey?

NPS Airmen are students at the Defense Language Institute for an average of 64 weeks.  The courses are tough and can bring a lot of stress to the Airmen. Presidio of Monterey MTL’s, are direct supervisors, and provide guidance and structure to Airmen.  We also make sure they are resilient and have healthy coping techniques to deal with their stressors. We assist with getting Airmen help with anything from roommate issues, financial concerns, or life skills counseling.

How much time do you spend with the students, while they are here?

We are available for the students 24/7.

What has been one of your favorite memories of Monterey?

I have a few. But one is when the first Airman I coached, Senior Airmen Shultz, won at the Joint Enlisted Board, beating all the other service competitors at the garrison.

What sort of impact do you wish to have on your Airmen?

To remind them to always work hard, to accomplish their goals, and keep a positive attitude even when times are tough.

How do you feel the quality of MTLs at Monterey stand up to other bases?

I think all MTLs are high caliber noncommissioned officers. But the 314th MTLs are hands down the best.