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LeMay Center holds first inhouse playing Wargame Indo-Pacific

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Evan Lichtenhan
  • Air University Public Affairs

The Air Force Wargaming Institute hosted Wargame Wednesday, an event where members of Air University were invited to play the Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific board game, May 21, 2024. Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific puts players in the cockpit of modern joint-domain combat and gives them a firsthand look at the complexities of commanding and controlling a campaign.

“If your unit or family wants to learn about the complexities of air combat while having a blast, Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific is the game for you,” said Nathaniel Fritz, the wargaming institute’s operations division chief. “Just as every Marine is a Rifleman, Air Force Wargame Indo-Pacific allows every Airman to Deliver Airpower.”

The game is designed to inform players on the basics of operating within multiple domains, while highlighting key systems in the United States and Indo-Pacific competitors’ inventories. From finding enemy targets, to developing their own attack strategies, players will learn to weave their way through air combat and conquer their enemies.

“All players, from the youngest Airman to the seasoned combat veteran, are sure to learn something new,” Fritz said. “The wargame is designed to be played with two to eight players and be completed in as little as 30 minutes or up to two hours.”