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Digital Badging Initiatives

There is enormous potential for digital credentials to have further impact on the education, training, and workforce sectors within the Department of the Air Force. Using digital badges to reflect digital credentials will be widely used to encourage learning and to provide real and tangible information to supervisors to best inform them of the talents, skills, and achievements of Airmen and Guardians seeking professional growth and new opportunities.

Digital Badges:

  • Are verifiable, translatable, shareable, and secure digital records of achievement that demonstrate what Airmen and Guardians know and can do
  • Validate technical and soft skills that may otherwise be unaccounted for in various training records
  • Enhance commanders ability to identify Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA) with current and future skill sets that put the right people in the right place at the right time
  • Contain metadata such as detailed badge descriptions, concrete earning criteria, issuing bodies, issuance and/or expiration dates, skills tags, and industry or academic standards
  • Offer career field managers tools to make data-driven decisions to promote a learning culture, optimize professional development and talent management efforts, build and manage a skills inventory, recruit for specific skills, and prepare for mission readiness
  • Provide comprehensive learning and development pathways for career fields that do not have defined career field education and training plans
  • Help Airmen and Guardians translate their skills to industry when exiting the force and promote their accomplishments on resumes and social media platforms

More Value

The value of digital credentials increases when the issuer can stack credentials into collections to demonstrate multiple achievements, often referred to as aspirational skilling or future skilling. The Open Badge V2.0 Standard allows individuals to demonstrate skill mastery across various issuers; manage the respective digital credentials in a collection (also known as a secure profile, skills wallet, or skills backpack); and share them on professional social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Many career fields and series already have digital badges available to earn right now.  Click on the links below to access the career field's or series' badges, earning criteria, and other details.  Check back often to discover additional badges you can earn!

Air University Teaching & Learning Center

Learning Professionals

USAF Academy

USAF Paralegals




Digital Badge Collage

Interested in developing digital badges for your organization?

For detailed information on the process, timelines, and procedures, check out the Digital Badging Playbook and Digital Badging Glossary.

Download our handy Digital Badges 101 informational flyer here. (insert link with new version)


What's the Process?

In six major steps, A3BD will:

  1. Identify audience, roles, SMEs, working groups, and industry partners 
  2. Define value proposition, skills, expectations, timelines, responsibilities, and communication plan
  3. Map badge pathways, align skills to external and internal benchmarks, then layout how badges level and stack together
  4. Build badge criteria, rubrics, and checklists
  5. Execute communication plan and digital credential launch
  6. Test, learn, iterate, and refine the process

Digital Badging Model

Digital Badging Model

The Digital Badging Model is a high-level view of the major steps A3BD takes to build digital badges. The model presents a simple and systematic use case that is flexible to the needs of each community. A3BD works directly with Career Field Managers, MAJCOM Functional Managers, and Subject Matter Experts to develop the criteria for each badge.