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  • Vicious cycle: F-35A continues 5th-gen tradition of bullying legacy aircraft

    Imagine yourself in the seat of a fighter jet, tearing through the air at the speed of sound, your own weight pressing against your chest as you fight to breathe against the increased force of gravity.Sweat beads down your forehead as you scan you sensors and outside your canopy for any threats in the area. Next thing you know, you are tagged out
  • Breaking News: Air Force declares the F-35A ‘combat ready’

    The F-35A Lightning II fifth generation fighter aircraft was declared ‘combat ready’ today by Gen. Hawk Carlisle, the commander of Air Combat Command.Carlisle lauded the aircraft’s performance, noting that the aircraft had met all key criteria for reaching initial operational capability.Airmen trained, manned and equipped to conduct basic close air
  • 33rd FW units save big with F-35 innovations

    Airmen at the 33rd Fighter Wing save the Air Force close to $84,000 and more than 720 hours of shipping delays by locally manufacturing parts and tools.
  • Pilot for a Day roams with the Nomads

    Pilot for a Day Christian Loafman experiences what it is like to be an F-35A Lightning II pilot and tours the 33rd Fighter Wing.
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