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Air Education and Training Command News

  • Air Force announces targeted special duty and instructor tour length changes

    The Air Force is reducing targeted special duty and instructor tour lengths. The tour length reduction from four to three years for military training instructors, military training leaders, AETC technical training instructors with prefix “T”, “J”, or “X”, and stateside professional military

  • Women’s History Month through the eyes of an MTI

    “When you talk about Women’s History Month, you get to look at the path that’s been paved for us as women,” said Master Sgt. Jennifer Martin, the superintendent of the 97th Air Mobility Wing Staff Agency. “But it also gives us a chance to look at each other and ask ourselves what we’re doing to set

  • BMT MTI's named 2018 Etchberger Team of the Year award

    Military Training Instructors from Air Force Basic Military Training are in the spotlight for a job well done after being named as the 2018 Etchberger Team of the Year award during the 2019 Air Force Association Symposium in Orlando, Fla., March 1. This marks the first time MTI’s have won the award,

  • AETC Announces Changes to Developmental Special Duty Assignments

    Air Force officials are making three substantial changes to the Developmental Special Duty process that will significantly improve the Air Force’s ability to fill these important positions by adding more flexibility to the process and increasing opportunities for noncommissioned officers. The

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