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  • ATC Tower gains new position, first two Airmen earn ratings

    The first two Airmen ever in the Air Traffic Control Tower are now certified in the Tower Coordinator position.
  • 77-year-old ATC instructor returns to guide new Airmen

    Jim Bailey, 334th Training Squadron air traffic control instructor, served in the Air Force from 1961-1966, where he discovered his passion for air traffic control. If he was asked if he was going to be an instructor in the Air Force at 77 years old, he would’ve told them “no way.”
  • Columbus AFB Airmen and Memphis Center connect

    Instructor pilots from the 37th, 41st, 48th and 50th Flying Training Squadron's joined Columbus Air Force Base’s Air Traffic Controllers on a trip to the Memphis Center in order to connect, share knowledge, ask questions and reinforce the connection between the two entities.

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Tag: air traffic control
  • Guiding the air mission from the ground

    The safety and flight path of aircraft operating on Keesler depend on the Airmen inside the Air Traffic Control Tower. The 81st Training Wing’s Operations Support Flight monitors and directs the aircraft on the flightline and local airspace, ensuring the fluidity of the air traffic.Working the tower 15 hours daily and being on continuous standby
  • I’ll have what she’s having

    One of the challenges Airmen can expect to face when entering the World’s greatest Air Force is the tremendous possibility of being separated from your family. At times, the separation takes place across state lines or country borders. The same cannot be said for two sisters from a military family with the same Air Force Specialty Code. Although years apart, they are both stationed at Columbus Air Force Base.
  • Controlling the air space through COVID-19

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Air Force has continued to protect our air space and carry out the mission while facing challenges. To mitigate and prepare for the potential loss of manning of the air traffic controllers in Air Education and Training Command, an ATC rapid response team has been initiated. From selecting a suitable team, coordinating with other bases and developing appropriate training, Chief Master Sgt. Michael Merritt, AETC air traffic control MAJCOM functional manager, was able to demonstrate the team’s abilities.
  • Eyes on the skies result in recognition for controller, flight safety

    An air traffic controller and the Flight Safety Office at Sheppard were recently recognized among the best at what they do by Air Education and Training Command.
  • Controller commemorated with 40 years of ATC

    Retired U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Walter Boltwood, assistant Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) controller, celebrated 40 accumulated years of air traffic control with friends and family at the ATC tower on January 7, 2021, at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi.
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