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  • From Cameroon to U.S. pilot; student seeks wings

    For many, becoming a pilot in the United States Air Force is a dream that can be achieved through the traditional means of commissioning, but every so often a unique story is brought to life in this process.
  • SUPT Class 21-01 graduates

    Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training class 21-01 graduated after 52 weeks of training at
  • F-35A, A-10 demo teams brief capabilities to Laughlin students

    The A-10 Demonstration team from Davis-Monthan Air Force, Arizona, and the F-35 Demonstration team from Hill AFB, Utah, are touring the Air Force’s Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training bases to brief students in training on their capabilities. 

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  • Air University commander visits SUPT graduation

    Lt. Gen. James Hecker, Air University Commander and President, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, stopped in for the graduation ceremony of Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 21-15, Sept. 10, 2021, on Columbus Air Force Base, Miss.
  • Aim high Airman

    One Captain, Twenty 1st Lieutenants, and nine 2nd Lieutenants, graduated from SUPT (Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training), becoming the U.S. Air Forces newest aviators, July 30, 2021, on Columbus Air Force Base, Miss.
  • 21-08 applauds their loved ones

    Twenty-five new aviators graduated from Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT), Apr. 16, 2021, on Columbus Air Force Base, Miss.
  • Student pilot competes for pilot wings, pageant crown

    Second Lt. Sarena Shilts is competing for two accolades this year: her silver pilot wings, and the Miss Texas USA crown. "I'm attracted to pageantry for similar reasons I'm attracted to being an Air Force pilot," Shilts said. "The two worlds seem to contradict, but there are actually many parallels between the two. Physical training, communication skills, leadership experience.”
  • Achieving aeronautical rating of pilot; SUPT class 21-07 graduates

    Twenty officers have come out triumphant after a year of Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training and achieved the aeronautical rating of pilot March 26, 2021, on Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi.
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