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  • Little Rock welcomes China hurricane aid

    A 747 laden with 100 tons of humanitarian aid from China arrived here Sept. 7 as part of Hurricane Katrina relief operations. The relief supplies included bedding, clothes, tents and generators. Little Rock Air Force Base is the hub for receiving international humanitarian aid for the hurricane relief efforts. China's consul general said the
  • Baby arrives during hurricane via C-section by flashlight

    Hurricane Katrina's awesome power couldn't keep a baby from making her debut at Keesler Medical Center during a cesarean section illuminated by a ring of flashlights. "Our team delivered a healthy, robust baby girl - definitely not a shrinking violet," said Maj. Betsy Majma, a nurse anesthetist. "She came into the world screaming, even before she
  • Recognition, treatment key in overcoming stress

    Now that the storm has settled, those military members and their families who were left with little in the wake of Hurricane Katrina could begin to experience signs of stress. Individuals need to be able to recognize those signs and be able to point those stressed members in the right direction. According to Maj. L. Lynn Pauley, a clinical
  • International aid flights arrive at Little Rock AFB

    More than 30 international aid flights have landed here, the hub for all international aid going to help Hurricane Katrina victims. More than 94 countries and international organizations have offered aid for the hurricane victims, according to a State Department spokesman. Since Sept. 5, Belgium, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Israel, Italy,
  • 97th AEG aids Keesler in humanitarian support

    When the call comes in for an air expeditionary group to deploy, it's usually to a destination with sand, located on foreign soil. Although the sand is still present, this time the big difference is the group was called to deploy inside the United States -- right at Keesler. The 97th Air Expeditionary Group began arriving Sept. 6 and is comprised
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