Air Education and Training Command News

  • New UAS program at Randolph simulates air battle space

    A first-of-its-kind combat familiarization program for pilots slated to fly unmanned aircraft systems will soon launch at the 563rd Flying Training Squadron here. The four-week-long Unmanned Aircraft Systems Fundamentals Course will begin instruction Nov. 21. It is designed to give 10 newly-winged

  • Altus ground safety chief wins AETC-level award

    Air Education and Training Command officials recently recognized the chief of ground safety here as the command's winner of the 2008 Government Employee Insurance Company Public Service Award.Mike Matthews, 97th Air Mobility Wing chief of ground safety, will now go on to compete with winners from

  • Joint Chiefs chair highlights keys to defense

    The nation's top military advisor, who completed a whirlwind tour of several Baltic States earlier in the month, addressed an array of topics to Air Force leaders here Oct. 28. From cooperation with allied countries to the care of fallen military members' families, Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of

  • Lackland-based institute teaches English to partner nations

    Communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships. The same is true of interactions between the United States and members of its allied militaries: strong, clear communication opens the door to a better, stronger relationship. And being able to speak the same language helps this process

  • New military working dog hospital opens

    Department of Defense military working dogs receive a new level of care as a result of Lackland's Veterinary Service Hospital's recent "facelift" Oct. 21. "The military working dog veterinary service is the supporting organization for the 341st Training Squadron, which is the unit the Air Force uses

  • Exercise tests interoperability

    The City of San Antonio and local military bases were tested Oct. 23 to determine how they would respond to mass casualties during an exercise scenario involving an aircraft incident. The exercise revolved around two simultaneous events - a plane crash at the San Antonio International Airport and a

  • Historic Tuskegee Airmen address Air Force captains

    Riding the crest of the historic opening of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Oct. 10, four of the original Airmen spoke to hundreds of Air Force officers at Squadron Officer School recently. In their speeches and subsequent panel discussions, the former fighter pilots reflected on

  • Depot maintenance efforts continue to keep T-38s flying

    Members of the 573rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron here continue to put in long hours to make sure Air Force pilot training doesn't come to a halt. Many members of the squadron have been working 10-hour days, seven days a week to make a new aileron actuator lever for the T-38 Talon used to train

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